About The Parks Trust

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The Parks Trust is an independent, self-financing charity that cares for over 6,000 acres of parkland and green space in Milton Keynes. This includes the river valleys, ancient woodlands, lakesides, parks and landscaped areas alongside the main roads that represent 25% of the city and they continue to take ownership of additional areas of green space as Milton Keynes expands.

In most places across the UK, parks are owned and managed by the local authority, but the city’s founders wanted to be sure that such a unique green landscape would be managed and protected forever, without having to compete for funds with other council priorities. So, The Parks Trust was created in 1992 to care for most of Milton Keynes' green space and was endowed with a substantial property and investment portfolio. The income from this portfolio pays for the vital work of nurturing and enhancing the landscape. 

For more information, please visit www.theparkstrust.com.

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