Eating & Drinking

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Situated at the marina, there is a McMullen & Sons pub known as Warbler on the Wharf that provides a social setting for residents and the local community to enjoy. Offering indoor seating and plenty of parking space, the pub features a beautiful outside terrace and a south-facing beer garden overlooking the marina on a key leisure route for cyclists and walkers along the canal. 

Across the canal, there is Canal St. Coffee, a neighbourhood café that boasts a picturesque view of the Marina featuring seasonal speciality coffee and French-inspired patisserie cakes with an Asian twist.

For those in the nearby village of Woolstone, just a five-minute stroll away, there are two excellent pub restaurants - The Cross Keys and The Barge. Visitors can also explore a variety of bars, pubs, fine dining establishments, and fast-food restaurants in Central Milton Keynes.